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Lateral Epicondylitis

Lateral Epicondylitis

Commonly known as “Tennis Elbow”, this condition most frequently occurs in people who do not play tennis. It is usually a condition that affects people in their middle age. Very young and very old people rarely get this problem. This condition can be very painful, even preventing patients from being able to do something as easy as typing. The term epicondylitis is a little misleading. Typically, conditions ending in the suffix “-itis” refer to inflammatory conditions. In tennis elbow, inflammation does not play a big role. However, it is the reason some doctors use steroid injections for this condition. Unfortunately, steroids do not work as well for tennis elbow as we would like.

In addition to steroid injections other treatments include physical therapy, ultrasound, bracing, splinting, platelet rich plasma injections (also known as PRP) and a host of other options are available. Some of these non-operative treatments or perhaps even a combination of these treatments will help most people.

For the people who do not improve after a course of non-operative treatment surgery may be indicated. Just as there are many options for non-operative treatment, likewise there are many options for operative treatment. Some of these treatments have a long healing time. Dr. Mahoney uses a technique that utilizes a small 1-inch incision on the outside of the arm. Most of his patients do not take more than a day or so from work and can begin using their hand immediately upon wakening.